Creative Writing Short Stories

Lies will always trap you. Bad intentions will always lead to your downfall

A couple was walking through a dense forest. From the sky, Mars noticed the beautiful lady who was making a way with her husband. He felt like going up to her and spend time with her. He transformed himself to the form of the husband and stood in front of the couple.

He asked the lady to go with him by claiming himself as the real husband. This made the man furious and both the males started to quarrel among themselves. The nearby villagers came around them to see what the matter was, but no one was able to apprehend that who was the real husband.

One of the wise villager understood that a heavenly spirit had transformed itself similar to the built and appearance of the husband. He brought a pot with a pipe and announced, “Whosoever will enter into this pot through this pipe will be claimed as the real husband of this lady.”

The real husband was baffled and said that it was an unjust test because he could never enter the pot through a pipe. But Mars was well acquainted about the trick about how to transform the shape of his body into a small form. He turned itself into a mini gland and successfully entered the pot through the pipe. The villager capped the pot and Mars was trapped in it. The real husband was identified and the wife moved with him.