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“An emerging social media platform moving towards its decline by posing rivalry with competitors and condemnation from people.”

In this time where the world is going through a disastrous pandemic of COVID-19, Tiktok (India) has once again topped the chart of controversies with yet again a number of them. It has gained huge attention but all for the negative reasons. It initially started with a video of an Indian YouTuber named, Elvish Yadav who mimicked and roasted some of the TikTokers, that didn’t go well but ignited a trend of Tiktok v/s Youtube. Soon after this, a Tiktoker, named Amir Siddique posted a video about YouTubers and roasting channels which resulted in a huge controversy as Carryminati (who owns a roasting channel on youtube) roasted this video and broke all the records by becoming the first Indian YouTuber to get millions of likes within two hours. Well, soon enough the video got removed by Youtube on account of cyberbullying.

A topic of mixed opinions where some were speaking about it while some were concerned about the youth, which was according to them, negligent about giving importance to the migrant workers (such as trending hashtags or sharing information) but was more concerned about the whole Tiktok v/s YouTube clash.

Comparing the two platforms was indeed non-professional as these two digital platforms have different lines and styles of content. The structure, curation, time everything is different, yet people were deeply involved in it. But this is not the end, as the comparison might not be a good idea but because of this, the real problem with Tiktok got surfaced. Tiktok is used by every other individual in India. It has developed a huge market in India and people from almost all age groups have at least once witnessed the bizarre things going on Tiktok which weren’t so highlighted at a priority. Taking a dig about the problems on Tiktok, several videos had surfaced disclosing some of the content from Tiktok that promotes rape, acid attacks on women, animal abuse and, plagiarism. The Tiktok app has been failing in controlling such type of content.

There is nothing to say whether Tiktok will get banned or not, as it has the potential of attaining quick audience for the genuine artists, but these reasons do put us in a justified position when speaking about why not, Tiktok?. Tiktok needs to develop some reporting systems that may help in controlling such acts on the app.