Pregnant lady easy sketch - TO BE VALUED, YOU NEED TO DIE


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Whether in office or in friendly get together, she was viewed with a disgusting stare. But why? She was pregnant.

Everyone present there had question in their disgusting stares and orthodox mouth that, “In which family she has been raised? Wasn’t she taught any moral values?”
“How can she sleep with any man? Doesn’t she have any self-control over her desires?”
“How can she have such a slutty behavior?” 
She heard and comprehended every opinion about her but she decided to maintain her composure as she desired to maintain her composure as she desired to raise that child on her own.

She was hurted by the fact that the man she loved so deeply had ditched her for no valid reasons. The person she considered as the ‘Man of her Life’ was actually an immature guy who didn’t knew how to handle his relationships.

Her one mistake of trusting that man placed her at a standpoint where she had to face harsh societal remarks, unfriendliness behavior from her so-called friends and detached behavior from her parents and family. She was still ready to face it all for the love she had for her child but certain situations made her strength break again.

This wasn’t all! Many more relationships were there to hurt her.

Her dad who used to call her as ‘His Princess’ now feels disgusted to see her face even. He threw the plate of food when he saw her approaching towards the dining table.
Her brother who used to be proud to have his small sister has now boycotted her. Silently, in his diary, he blamed his little sister that why she has done this to their family. Why she ‘killed’ the reputation of their family.
Her mother who used to pamper her on little things is now criticizing her on little things is now criticizing her to be the part of the family. Because of her, she cannot face her neighbors, relatives and society. She claimed that her daughter has no right to live.

In her solitary room, thoughts flushed in her mind: My father used to love my burnt chappatis and today he is throwing food on the floor.
My brother who used to understand me has not even asked: Why you did this to yourself? Once you should have talked to me.”
My mother who used to be proud of me and was happy to present me to the society is now hoping me to die.

She held her womb, “I am sorry , I am murdering you but no one wants us. We won’t be able to survive over here.” And saying this she hanged herself.

Near her corpse, everyone again had their opinions.

Her colleagues whispered amongst themselves that what a great girl she was. How can destiny take her life so soon? 
Her boyfriend regretted her death. He said, “She should have waited for me. I just needed some time to accept this sudden encounter but I would have accepted it.”
Her brother asked her lifeless sister, “Why have you left me alone? I have loved you. If you would have explained it to me, I would have understood.” 
Her father was with her childhood album and wasn’t able to wipe the tears flowing from his eyes.
And near her lifeless body was her mother who cried the loudest. She said, “You should have talked to me. I would have convinced the family to support you. How can you take my piece of words in anger so seriously?”

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