Creative Writing Journal

I was in grade four. I had a pet named, “Kyzon”. His breed was Coco Spaniel. He was an adorable pup when he came to our house and he was warmly welcomed. He was unabridged, treated like a member of a family.

Whenever I used to come back from school, without deviation I used to go to him without having a concern about my meals and play with him the whole day. Till he didn’t shut his eyes, I used to admire him continually. Also, whenever he slept he looked so cute as if a new born infant. During his meal times, whenever he used to lick milk from his pet bowl, he always had leftovers left on his black lips which made him look the most adorable pet.

I am reminded of one sunny day that he slept with me and peed in his mini-bed. But I wasn’t irked from it and I don’t know why. Maybe because I had a feeling of love for him.

Where I used to go, he used to go along with me. I had a daily chore of taking him for long walks in evening. Whenever there was a knock at our house, he tried to bark to give us an intuition that someone is at the door but my poor little pup couldn’t as he was really tiny to have an audible voice.

But soon he turned big and giant and he started barking piercingly. I started getting frightened from him because I was still a miniature to handle his loud howls. So I commenced staying far away from him. He also initiated with biting which made me more afraid to go close to him. He wasn’t that perfectly trained to how to be with his own family.

He instituted running away from the inland but as in the custom he used to come back on his own but one day he didn’t came back. I was upset so my mother chased after him and bought him back home. But it became his daily routine for him to run away, so perpetually my parents got discontented and one fine day sold him off.

I was unsettled by his absence in the house. I wonder, couldn’t be he always the same, like when he was my small little pup, just cute.

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