Why We Need to Plant more Trees?

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One of the easiest ways to positively affect the environment is to plant more trees. A tree can help reduce carbon, produce clean air and also provide shelter to wildlife.
With wildlife on the decline and air pollution on the rise, there has never been a better time for reforestation.
Thankfully many businesses and organisations around the world have decided to plant trees and have also put aside a percentage of their profits to plant trees on a large scale.
Following are the top reasons to plant trees:
80 per cent of our forests are gone

Since the 1900s, close to 80 per cent of our forests have been destroyed. This has resulted in a 52 per cent decline in the wildlife which had a land-based habitat.

Scientists have predicted that if we keep going at the current rate, close to 28,000 species may become extinct over the next 25 years. But it doesn’t mean that we should give up on the fight. Several governments have pledged to plant more trees as per the Paris 2020 Agreement.

If the nations are able to live up to their promises, it will be a huge stride for the environment. Even if we were to implement those measures right away we may not be able to save each of the endangered species or reverse the damage that we have inflicted upon the ecosystem, but it will still be a great start nevertheless.

We get half of our oxygen from trees Research has found that trees generate close to 50 per cent of the oxygen that is generated on the planet. The other half of the oxygen comes from the ocean. This tells us how important the trees and oceans are for our survival.

The population of kelp, phytoplankton and algae plankton has dropped significantly due to the increase in pollution. Oxygen is produced by these ocean-based plants through photosynthesis which is similar to how trees produce oxygen on land.

Forests account for 80 per cent of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity

If you’re wondering what is terrestrial biodiversity then it is basically everything that lives on land. That includes animals, plants, bacteria and fungi.

Rainforests are the most diverse forests that can be found in the world as they get abundant rainfall and have a warm temperature. It is concerning that we lose close to 50 square miles of forest each year which tells us that we don’t just need to rebuild but also reduce the number of resources that we use.

We get medicines from rainforest ingredients

It is said that one in every four medicine requires ingredients that can be found in rainforests. There are 750 types of different trees and 1500 different types of plants that can be found in just four square miles of rainforest.

In such intense biodiversity you will find many organisms that develop chemicals which are often researched and collected by leading pharmaceutical companies. Rainforest ingredients are found in over 25 per cent of western pharmaceuticals and also in nearly 121 prescription drugs.

1 tree eliminates nearly 48 pounds of Carbon per year

Carbon dioxide is recycled into oxygen by trees. Growing trees becomes even more important as our carbon levels continue to rise. Nearly 48 pounds of carbon dioxide can be removed by an adult tree every year.

The part that should convince us to discourage deforestation is that carbon doesn’t entirely disappear from the environment. When the tree is cut we are not only cutting down the regulator of our climate but we also release the carbon they had been storing inside.

If we look up at the stars we realise that we are only floating on a piece of rock in an infinite universe. Despite the advancements in space technology we have not been able to discover a single planet that can support life. Everything that we find on this planet is fighting for survival and we shouldn’t take our existence for granted.

Nature has a therapeutic effect on us. After leading a hectic lifestyle back in our home cities, nature provides the best getaways that we can hope for. There are many other ways to unwind ourselves.

As long as we’re in the city you should find out more about avalanche,but if you’re willing to head out into the wilderness you will experience a relaxation that is truly unparalleled.