Nanidiction is Relationships and Lifestyle Blog where different niches are covered. Lifestyle (Health & Fitness, Fashion, Business, DIY, Home, and so on); Relationships (Tips, Advices, and so on); Creative Writing (Poetry, Letters, Journal, Short Stories, Quotations); Entertainment (Bollywood/Hollywood News, Books/Movies/Web Series Reviews, and so on), and Writing Ideas (Tips, Ideas, Prompts, Poetry Forms Rules & Examples, and so on).
1) There’s no word limit described. But your article should provide complete information about your topic in precise manner.
2) Content should be in English.
3) Keep your poems up to 30 lines. You can submit which follows a poetic form/device and mention its complete details.
4) You should have a bunch of quotes under one niche. It might be on life, love, success or motivation, expectations and hopes, and so on. Minimum number of quotes for one blog: 15. Similarly, for Writing Ideas there should be a complete blog and not a single idea/prompt, and so on.
5) It’s recommended to provide reviews/news on upcoming trends.
6) Word limit for Short Stories is 3000 words.
7) The articles are not prior to be published. The ones that provides unique information without plagiarism and is grammatically correct will be considered.
8) Articles submitted are prior to edits.
1) Promotions for the website will be done on Nanidiction’s social media platforms. Its audience will get to know about the content being uploaded there.
2) Writers work will be published under their name. With links of their profiles/websites, if they provide.
3) Anyone getting published for or more than 10 times, will get a digital certificate.
4) They can explore under various niche and explore their writing skills.
5) NO registrations.
This blog/platform is built for writers to get their articles published digitally to gain an audience & readers who want to get advice about their relationships and lifestyle with an addition of entertainment content.